New Forklifts

IDItemModel # 
457 Okta Omni - Directional ForkliftOLM 20-20
Used  Okta Omni - Directional Forklift
Mast 189 Side Shift Omni - Directional forklift see video link call for more information
452HC Forklifts XF25 CushionXF Series
Used HC Forklifts XF25 Cushion
Mast 189 - Side Shift - One Year / 2000 Hours Factory Warranty Call for complete spec
439 Omni Directional MaxTruck 2T2T
Used  Omni Directional MaxTruck 2T
Omni Directional Forklift See Youtube Link to see this truck in action - -
433HC Forklifts HC Rough Terrain 4x4XF
Used HC Forklifts HC Rough Terrain 4x4
Call for Spec
432 HC 2 Wheel Dt Rough TerrainXF
Used  HC 2 Wheel Dt Rough Terrain
Call for Spec
392HC Forklifts XF 70XF Series
Used HC Forklifts XF 70
XF Series 15,500 Capacity, Deutz TCD 3 6. L Tier 4 EPA Certified 188 Mast Dual Drive Wheels Side Shift Full suspension seat one year / 2000 Hour Warranty
374HC Forklifts Explosion Proof ForkliftsA Series
Used HC Forklifts Explosion Proof Forklifts
Utilizes multi-Explosion proof measures, making the forklift more safe and stable and operation more convenient.Add separate intelligent self-control system, supervising and protecting on alternate temperature, brake temperature and forklift insulation.The traction motor、pump motor and controller all use alternating variable frequency technology to make higher efficiency and greater control. No use of contact or carbon brush to make easier repair work.features: including head light, turning lights, brake light, emergency switch, alarm light, horn, reverse light, charging plug and so on.All Explosion proof lights are all use pressure casting aluminum-alloy case, LED cold light source, low heating, long life, high brightness and maintenance free. Call for pricing
333HC Forklifts XF 20XF Series
Used HC Forklifts XF 20
1 year/2000 Hour Factory Warranty____Extended Warranty Available
330HC Forklifts HC XF 30XF Series
Used HC Forklifts HC XF 30
1 year/2000 hr Factory Warranty. Extended warranty available. Side Shift 189 TSU Mast - with Basiloid Attachment Finance available
303HC Forklifts HC A Series 1500 - 4000 lb CapacityA Series
Used HC Forklifts HC A Series 1500 - 4000 lb Capacity
Three Wheel Electric Forklift call for spec
276HC Forklifts A Series Electric Electric A Series
Used HC Forklifts A Series Electric
273HC Forklifts XF 100XF Series
Used HC Forklifts XF 100
Follow link for more information and spec options finance and leasing available
272HC Forklifts XF 45XF 45
Used HC Forklifts  XF 45
271HC Forklifts XF 35XF Series
Used HC Forklifts  XF 35
Mast 88/188 TSU Side Shift
270HC Forklifts XF 15XF Series
Used HC Forklifts  XF 15
269HC Forklifts XF 25XF Series
Used HC Forklifts  XF 25
The new HC XF series, Clear view 4 cylinder triplex mast allowing for greater visibility and specsXF series offers enhanced reliability reducing downtime and increasing productivity Call for pricing and finance options
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