357 Street SweeperS2000
Street Sweeper
Environmentally friendly 48V Full Size Electric Street Sweeper 200" sweeper path speed 15.5 mph
356 XS80 Walk Behind ScrubberXS80
XS80 Walk Behind Scrubber
Our OEM Walk Behind Scrubber24V,Capacity21 " Brush Sweeping Path 50Ltr Recovery tankcapacity 60LtrMaximum active washing area 6000m2
355 S145 Ride on Sweeper S145
S145 Ride on Sweeper
Our OEM Ride on Sweeper Voltage 48V,Capacity 120Ah Charger 58 " Brush Sweeping path 730 cubic inch Dumpster Speed 6.5 MPH
354 Haaga 200 series Manual Sweeper200 Manual
Haaga 200 series Manual Sweeper
Haaga 200 series manual sweeper for the smaller area's.
352 Haaga Electric Floor Sweeper697 Electric
Haaga Electric Floor Sweeper
Haaga Electric walk behind sweeper battery operated ( battery life 120 minutes between charges)see it in action here !
TENNANT 8400 SCRUBBER/SWEEPER, MODEL: 8400 SCRUB BRUSH DIAMETER: 16". 23" SIDE BRUSH. SWEEPING PATH WIDTH: 45" SCRUBBING PATH WIDTH: 48" HOPPER WEIGHT CAPACITY: 1200 LB SOLUTION TANK: 60 GAL RECOVERY TANK: 60 GAL. NEW PAINT, NEW BRUSHES, NEW SQUEEGEES. This 8400 is propane powered so you don't have any of the limitations of battery powered.The 8400 performs both an initial dry sweep at the front of the machine and then adds water and scrubs in the middle followed by a squeegee bar in the back where is sucks up the dirty water. You can separate the functions as well to perform either a dry sweep or a scrub if one is not needed.The scrub path is a large 48 path + it has the corner sweeper brush for going along shelving or edges for an overall path of 63. It has a disk method scrub brush system on the scrubber portion.The 8400 has large 60 gallon solution and recovery tanks for extended scrub times without having to stop and empty and refill.The front sweeper has a high lift and dump for emptying the large 14 cubic ft hopper bin.
133 POWER BOSS TS/82 Floor ScrubberTS/82
TS/82 Floor Scrubber
REDUCED !Engine Services and Ready to Work. New Brushes. New Squeegees. New Paint.
129 TENNANT 242E 36V Floor Sweeper242E
242E 36V Floor Sweeper
REDUCED ! . Power Type: Electric propelling motor - nominal voltage 36 VDC, 7 hp (5.22 kW) @ 2200 rpm. Electric scrub brush motor - nominal voltage 36 VDC, 1 hp (0.75 kW) @ 2000 rpm. Electric scrub vacuum fan drive motor - nominal voltage 36 VDC, 1.2 hp (0.9 kW) @ 2550 rpm. Batteries (2) - 18 V, 600 A/h @ 6 hour rate. Dimensions: Length - 86.5 in, Height - 50.75 in, Wheelbase - 40 in, Sweeping Path - 42 in, Hopper Capacity - 14 cubic ft. General: Weight - 4750 lb. Maximum forward speed - 5 mph. Maximum reverse - 3 mph. Minimum aisle turns; left - 102 in, right - 158 in. See attached pdf for full operator's manual.
110 TENNANT 528 Floor Scrubber spare parts(IC) 528
Spare Parts only